Grill Installation Goes Wrong
During the course of a family backyard barbeque, a Niagara Falls homemaker assisted her husband in installing a propane tank on a Sunbeam Corporation barbeque grill. Unfortunately, during this occurrence, the propane tank vented gas which ignited and caused our client to sustain burn injuries principally involving her left arm and abdomen. She was required to undergo skin graft surgeries.

Paul William Beltz, P.C. was retained by the family to investigate the occurrence, and after extensive interviews of witnesses and analysis of the propane tank by a consumer products safety expert and engineer, it was determined that the propane tank had been overfilled with propane, failing to allow proper space within the tank for the liquid propane to expand during exposure to heat. Counsel was further able to determine that the manufacturer of the tank and the barbeque grill failed to provide proper warnings and instructions to the consumer with respect to the hazard of propane unintendedly venting from the tank. An action was commenced against the filler of the propane tank and the manufacturers of the barbeque grill and the propane tank, based upon negligence, strict products liability and breach of warranty causes of action.

On behalf of the 36 year old homemaker, Paul William Beltz, P.C. prepared this case for trial and took testimony from the responsible corporate representative. Prior to trial, our client accepted a settlement offer of $950,000.00.

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