Q: How much will it cost me to hire Paul William Beltz attorneys?  
A: Fortunately for the clients of Paul William Beltz, who has suffered some personal injury, the firm agrees to handle their cases based upon a contingent fee. The firm only receives a fee when a case is successfully concluded and that fee would be based upon a percentage of the recovery.

Q: How can I tell if an attorney’s fee is fair?  
A: The law office of Paul William Beltz, P.C. has a proud tradition of not only receiving the highest possible award for their client’s civil personal injury case, but also in dealing openly and honestly with their clients regarding the level of fees and costs.

The contingency fee system utilized by Paul William Beltz, P.C. enables those who may not be able to afford an attorney to pursue their claim(s) vigorously and without financial worry or hassle. It also enables the client to seek justice in cases against large corporate entities who have unlimited funds to defend claims against them. The alternative to contingency arrangements is to bill clients on an hourly basis, but this is simply unacceptable because it does not provide everyone with an equal access to justice.

Choosing which attorney to represent you is an important decision, and our experienced attorneys will make sure that you fully understand all aspects of the attorney client agreement.

Q: What are my rights if I’ve been injured?  
A: If you are injured due to the negligence or wrong doing of another person or entity, you may be able to pursue a claim for medical expenses, lost wages and lost benefits and for pain and suffering, permanency of injury and your loss of enjoyment of life. Strict time limitations apply and time limitations vary depending on the nature of your claim. Therefore, it is imperative that you contact us immediately to determine what, if any rights you have and the applicable time limitations that apply to the facts surrounding your injury/accident.

You should not consult with attorneys simply because they are on billboards, but you should check with Judges, Lawyers, the local bar association, insurance people or other people who have knowledge of the lawyers who would best represent your interests. Please be careful, if an insurance adjuster or an employee of an insurance company may complain about a lawyer who is hard to deal with, such a lawyer might be the best to represent your interests. Since one of the primary jobs of insurance companies is to pay as little as possible, they may give recommendations for lawyers who have a reputation for settling cheaply. People with serious injuries which threaten their health and livelihood should obtain attorneys who have a reputation among the legal, judicial and insurance communities for obtaining the best possible results for personal injury victims.

Q: Does Paul William Beltz focus only on personal injury cases? Why?  
A: Yes. Why? In order to best represent the interests of those people who are seriously injured due to other people’s negligence, it is extremely important to have a skilled specialist such as Paul William Beltz, P.C. to vigorously represent their interests. The reason for this is that the negligent parties are always represented by skillful defense attorneys who specialize in defending such negligent parties in order to best represent the interests of defendants in personal injury cases.

Paul William Beltz, P.C. has on its staff many skillful and experienced lawyers to prepare cases for settlement or trial. The attorney’s pride themselves on keeping current on applicable laws and even to further applicable laws. They work closely with an experienced and skillful support staff whose task it is to obtain and work up the medical evidence and damages concerning such injured persons. It is necessary to have a skilled attorney who dedicates ones career in personal injury matters and who keeps up to date on various advances in the law, trial expertise as well as a great working knowledge of the medical and damages aspects of such cases.

It is extremely important that such attorneys have a reputation for pursuing difficult cases and also for obtaining the best results for each individual client without having a reputation of settling cases cheaply.

Q: Why do I need a firm that focuses on personal injury? Can’t my family lawyer handle my case?  
A: Personal Injury Law is constantly changing, and it would be unrealistic to expect a person’s family lawyer to be able to keep up to date with all the changes. The family lawyer, however, is often able to refer a client to a firm like Paul William Beltz that concentrates on personal injury cases.

Q: What is the legal definition of a personal injury?  
A: “Negligence” is defined as ‘not taking prudent care.’ While this definition is broad, the effects of negligence can be profound and life-altering. Acts of carelessness, failure to use reasonable care often result in injuries causing pain and suffering, cost untold amounts of time and money. Most negligence is not intentional. The injuries which result from negligence are preventable and predictably caused by the failure of others.

Personal injury refers to harm caused to a person’s physical status, mental status, income, abilities, reputation, emotional status, or even death.

Examples of negligence cases which can result in personal injury are: car accidents, dangerous property conditions, defective products, medical malpractice, negligent security, prescriptions drugs, injury in hospital, delayed or misdiagnosis of disease, injury on some one’s property (or premises), work site injuries, injuries caused by defective products such as motor vehicles, machinery, chemical pharmaceuticals (drugs), and medical devices.

Q: What are my rights as a client?  
A: Anyone who hires an attorney to represent them is entitled to certain rights, and the attorneys at the law office of Paul William Beltz, P.C. take their obligation to fulfill the rights of their clients very seriously.

As a client, you have the right to have an attorney that is capable of handling your matter both competently and diligently, and the right to be treated with courtesy and consideration at all times by your attorney and their staff. You have the right to be charged a fee that is reasonable, and the right to have the fee arrangement explained to you at the outset of your relationship.

You are entitled to have your attorney’s professional judgment and undivided loyalty uncompromised by conflicts of interest, and you also have the right to withdraw from the attorney-client relationship at any time. Attorneys are obligated to keep their clients informed as to the status of their matter, and attorneys must respect the legitimate objectives of their clients. You also have an absolute right to privacy in your dealings with your attorney and to have your secrets and confidences protected.

Q: What is the process for investigating a case?  
A: The process for investigating a case varies depending on the type of potential action involved. For example, cases involving products liability, medical malpractice, automobile accidents, premises liability or construction accidents each have different and unique aspects which require attention. However, in general the process for investigating a case involves establishing the facts underlying the occurrence or accident. Typically, this process involves the research skills of an attorney, investigator, paralegal and nurses all of which are on staff at Paul William Beltz, P.C. Normally, the accident scene and the instrumentalities involved in the occurrence are inspected for evidence and photographed. Often, governmental agencies have documents pertaining to accident reporting that relate of a particular occurrence like police departments, the Office of Occupational Safety and Health, the local fire department, or ambulance services. Witnesses are normally identified and interviewed concerning their observations and knowledge of a particular occurrence. If necessary, engineering or accident reconstruction experts are often consulted where the factual circumstances involved in an accident demand a particular expertise in order to analyze evidentiary issues. Medical records and reports are gathered with respect to obtaining a full understanding of the client’s injuries, the impact upon a client’s life and to document the history of medical care. Each accident involves unique circumstances and demands which are carefully analyzed and addressed throughout the process of the investigation.

Q: How long can I wait to bring a claim?  
A: The time limit for bringing an action for personal injury varies. Some types of accidents require the injured party or parties to file a written notice of claim with the first 90 days following the date of your accident. It is therefore, very important to seek a lawyer as soon as possible to determine the applicable time limitations for your injury. Furthermore, if you are in an auto accident, you now have only 30 days from the date of your accident to make a claim for no-fault benefits to cover your medical expenses and wages.

Q: What happens if it has been a few months since my accident? Do I still have a case?  
A: In many circumstances, the process of conducting both investigation and gathering medical information may take an extended period of time in order to thoroughly analyze and establish not only the facts surrounding the occurrence, but to conduct a legal analysis of significant issues. Sometimes, court intervention is necessary before a case is placed in suit in order to obtain and secure evidence. At Paul William Beltz, P.C., we will advise you at the outset if your potential claim requires extended investigation and legal analysis before we can come to a decision with respect to placing your case in suit. However, we are committed to sharing information as it is gathered and addressing your questions and concerns during each step of the investigation process.

Q: What if my doctor will not testify for me?  
A: In a case involving a physical or mental injury, your treating physician’s and therapist’s reports and testimony are important to your case. The extent of your injury and your chances for full recovery are matters which are crucial to your physical and financial health and to your case. We have five R.N.s with advanced degrees on staff who will assist you and your physician in helping you achieve the fullest rehabilitation, and fullest compensation required for your rehabilitation. Our firm has a long history of working with the medical community and we take every opportunity to make your medical provider’s testimony concise and not burdensome.

Q: What if I forgot to fill out an accident report or forgot to inform my insurance carrier?  
A: Your first call should always be to your attorney, who will guide you through the steps you need to take.

Q: What if there were no witnesses at the scene of the accident? What are the chances of my success in court?  
A: Proving your case always depends on a number of factors. Although witnesses are helpful, many cases do not have direct eyewitnesses. Often there are many other pieces of evidence that can help reconstruct what happened. Our firm places a high value on prompt and through investigation, so that we can put our clients’ cases in the best possible light for the jury.

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